Lodge History

Lodge History

NATOMA Lodge No. 64 Free & Accepted Masons of California was established on October 31, 1854 and Chartered May 4, 1855 as the 64th Lodge in the state. The Lodge originally located in the town of Mormon Island, and later, circa 1857-58, moved to Folsom. The first building owned and occupied by the Lodge, in Folsom, was at the corner of Leidesdorf and Wool Streets, unfortunately fire destroyed the structure in 1871. By 1880 the Lodge moved to 803 ½ Sutter Street renting the second floor. This was not to be the Lodge’s permanent home and in 1963 the first phase of the current lodge building located at 1000 Duchow Way was completed. Through time the building has been improved, in 1990 it was enlarged and remolded to its present condition.

A Masonic Lodge however, is more than a building, its strength resides in its membership and NATOMA 64, like many California Lodges, boasts of a grand membership history. Through the years many of Folsom’s civic leaders have also been members of NATOMA 64. Participation in Masonry by well known men is common across the globe and throughout Masonic history. This is reasoned to be because Masonry has offers leadership development as well as a place for leaders to express themselves in social and civic action; NATOMA 64 has proudly continued this Masonic and civic tradition. Among much pomp and circumstance, the Lodge celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2004.

Today Folsom has a population of over 81,000 and the lodge membership is over 175 and growing. Natoma Lodge is growing and remains relevant today because the characteristic values of Freemasonry that have improved men and inspired leaders through the ages. NATOMA Lodge remains a growing fraternal group of men dedicated to family and community who unwaveringly subscribe to the three basic tenants of Freemasonry, "Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth."

We of  NATOMA Lodge No. 64 have been actively involved in the community for over 170 years. We are the oldest continuously operating orgnaization in Folsom. The short list below offers a mere hint of the past and current Lodge activities. Our hopes and dreams are that we strive to add to and continue this list, both in serving our community and our Masonic family.

For over 65-years NATOMA Lodge No. 64 has sponsored scholarships for deserving local high school youth to continue their education at institutions of higher learning. 

We have utilized the California Grand Lodge Child I.D. service program at community events, our schools, and numerous other locations. We participate with other lodges to bring the same child I.D. service to Sacramento County and California State Fairs.

Each spring our members their wives and families, and our concordant youth bodies assist the Folsom Community Parks and Recreation Department in conducting the Folsom "Festival of Eggs." With other community based organizations we organize and present a spring fair that includes a youth Easter Egg Hunt.

NATOMA Lodge has actively supported the Masonic Students Assistance Program (MSAP), a program instituted by the Grand Lodge of California that provides awareness education and training to public teachers, school administrators and counselors for the identification and care of "at risk". State education leaders have recognized this Masonic community outreach program for its significant contribution to a safer and more secure environment for the children of California. NATOMA Lodge No. 64 is recognized by Grand Lodge as a significant contributor and leader among California Lodges in its support of MSAP.

We are active supporters of community youth groups including direct sponsorship of our concordant Masonic youth organization, NATOMA Assembly No. 90 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. In addition, we have sponsored numerous Eagle Scout projects that have helped develop these young men, and can be seen and enjoyed throughout the city and county as improvements to our community.

This incomplete list is but a sampling of what NATOMA Masons Do.